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Trind Nail Repair (Anti-Bite)


Trind Nail Repair Light (Anti-Bite) Gloss

$18.95 | Item# N1008

.30 fluid oz

Approx 4 Month Supply

(Perfect formula for young nails!!)

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Trind Natural Nail Repair Light (Gloss with Anti-Bite)

You still don’t succeed in growing long nails? Especially for nail biters and young girls, Trind has developed a nail strengthener with a nasty, bitter taste. This is also a lighter formula, designed to work with thinner nail plates that young girls typically have. The effect of this product is based on the same principle as our other Nail Repair products. The unique formula of Trind matches the protein molecules, which creates a rigid network structure that makes the nail stronger. Important detail is that the natural nail moisture does not disappear. Therefore, the nail stays supple and looks pampered. With this product even you can grow strong and beautiful nails. And you will stop this terrible nail biting habit…

Directions For Use

For beautiful strong nails apply daily for two weeks directly to the nails. Before applying remove the former coat with (Trind) Nail polish Remover. After two weeks you can apply one coat weekly to keep the nails strong. Shake well before use. After use, clean the rim of the bottle. Keep out of reach of children. We advise you to first test this product to one nail. In case of oversensitivity, stop use immediately. Avoid eye-contact. This product is highly flammable and contains formaldehyde. We advise you to protect your cuticles with cream.

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