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Trind Cuticle Balsam


Trind Cuticle Balsam

$17.95 | Item# N1150

.30 fluid oz

Approx 4 Month Supply

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Trind Cuticle Balsam

Trind Cuticle Balsam moisturizes and soften hard, dry cuticles around your nails. This balsam has duo-liposome technology that manufactures new skin cells to help your skin retain natural moisture longer.

If you're tired of hangnails and dry cuticles, try Trind Cuticle Balsam to refresh and moisturize your dry cuticles.

Directions For Use

Apply to the cuticles daily for two weeks for a soft and beautiful skin around the nails. Let soak two minutes. Massage the excess into the cuticles and nails. This product is guaranteed oil free. Immediately after use you can apply Nail Repair or polish. After use, clean the rim of the bottle. After two weeks of daily use, once a week is sufficient for cuticle maintenance.

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