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Trind French Manicure Nail Stickers


Trind French Manicure
Nail Stickers

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Trind Nail Stickers

When you apply French Manicure to your nails, Nail Stickers can help you to accurately apply a stroke of French White to your nail tips. They can be a great help!

Directions For Use

First polish the total nail with bottle no. 1(Base Coat). Wait until this coat is completely dry and proceed the treatment with bottle no. 2 (French White). Then you apply a Nail Sticker onto your nails, exactly under the nail tip, so above the Nail Sticker, the nail tip is only visible. Apply French White to the nail tip and make sure that it is completely dry before you finish with bottle no. 3 (Top Coat). Before you come to step 3, first remove the Nail Sticker from the nail. You now polish the total nail with Top Coat and perfect nails with a natural look are the great result!

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