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Nail Care Kits

Trind Nail Repair Kit

Trind Nail Repair Kit

$24.00 | Item# NKT

Includes the 2 items below

Approx 4 Month Supply

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Trind Essential Nail Repair Kit

This is an excellent nail kit containing the essential products to help you get your nails back on track to a natural, stronger and more healthy set of nails

Note: If you have problems with dry or brittle nails, we recommend that you upgrade to a kit that includes a nail moisturizer to replenish needed moisture in the nail plate.

Directions For Use - Includes the following (2) products:

Step 1 - 3-Way Buffer
First gently use the #1 full-length black side to exfoliate dried out horn cells. Next buff more vigorously with the #2 half-length white section to stimulate the production of natural nail moisture. Finally buff with the #3 half-length grey section. You should now have smooth, shiny nails for a perfect base on which to apply the Nail Strengthener.

Step 2 - Natural Nail Repair
Apply daily for the first two weeks. Before applying remove the former coat with acetone-free polish remover. After two weeks you can apply one coat weekly to keep the nails strong.


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