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Nail Care Kits

Trind Ultimate Nail Repair Kit

Trind Keratin Nail Kit

$32.99 | Item# NKKT

Approx 4 Month Supply

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Trind Keratin Nail Kit

Wearing artificial nails can damage your natural nails and leave them feeling painful and brittle. The Keratin Nail Restorer and the Keratin Nail Protector work in harmony to pamper, protect, and restore your damaged nails. This powerful system is ideal for sensitive nails and is formaldehyde-free and chemical-free.

The Keratin Nail Restorer is a balsam that reinforces and strengthens your nails, while the Keratin Nail Protector seals and protects your nails. The Keratin Nail Protector also serves as a base coat that allows for a colored nail polish to be worn if desired.


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