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Spirit Soles Insoles - $24.95

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Spirit Soles Insoles

The demands of cheering at the highest level can cause painful feet and heels, or even shin splints. You can't cheer your best when your feet and legs are screaming in pain. The answer? The extraordinary cushiony comfort of Spirit Soles. They are specially designed to give you the edge you need to lead. Your feet, ankles, knees and back take a pounding when you cheer. But Spirit Soles are "shock absorbers" that feel a lot like a trampoline in your shoes because they are crafted of the ultra springy shock absorbing material Podiamax®.

We dropped a raw egg onto a cement block with nothing to protect it but a single Spirit Soles insole, and the egg bounced off without so much as a crack. If Spirit Soles insoles can protect a raw egg from breaking, imagine what it can do for your feet.


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