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Podiamax® Insoles


Podiamax insoles are the result of years of research on how to best relieve foot, leg and back pain. They are engineered of the feather-lite and ultra shock-absorbing material Podiamax. You will be amazed at the way they protect your aching feet.

Podiamax insoles are literally shock absorbers in your shoes so they fight painful "step shock" right at its source. And they keep right on pampering your feet because they won't lose their incredible springiness even after you have worn them for months.

Trind's Professional Glass File
Podiamax Insoles


Spirit Soles™ Insoles


The demands of cheering at the highest level can cause painful feet and heels, or even shin splints. You can't cheer your best when your feet and legs are screaming in pain. The answer? The extraordinary cushiony comfort of Spirit Soles. They are specially designed to give you the edge you need to lead. Your feet, ankles, knees and back take a pounding when you cheer. But Spirit Soles are "shock absorbers" that feel a lot like a trampoline in your shoes because they are crafted of the ultra springy shock absorbing material Podiamax®.

Trind's Nail Magic Buffer
Spirit Soles Insoles



"I have a herniated disk in my lower back, and for years I had suffered from standing and walking on hard floors. I had tried several different kinds of insoles but none of them reduced my pain nearly as much as your insoles. Wearing Podiamax is like walking on air!"
John M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I've tried so many different kinds of insoles (including prescription orthotics) and yours is the first to greatly ease my foot pain. I have flat feet, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis."
Mary M.
Kingsley, Michigan

"I can't believe how the Podiamax insoles have helped my arthritis. I have suffered pain for two years. I have diabetes so very few pain pills agree with me, but now I can be on my feet all day. Before I got these insoles I had to have sit down jobs after dinner. Now I can even walk over for the mail and back without pain. Last summer I had to ride my cart or I couldn't make it."
Gerda T.
Decora, Iowa


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