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Prime Time Fitness DVD

(Also available on VHS)

This low impact aerobic exercise program for ages 50 and above is the first in Bev's Prime Time Fitness series. And it is recommended to begin your fitness program. It includes pre-warm up, stretching, upper and lower body toning, low-intensity aerobics, abdominals, and relaxation exercises.

Hundreds of thousands of women and men have chosen this video because Bev's unique program makes getting into shape both fun and easy. You'll enjoy having Bev and her class members lead the way as you exercise to the music

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Prime Time Fitness DVD


Prime Time Fitness 2 DVD

This DVD has been developed specifically for individuals that have been using Prime Time Fitness, or that have been active in another aerobic exercise program. It follows the same approach as Prime Time Fitness but it increases the intensity level a bit. A lot of exercisers tell us they alternate between these two programs because they like the variety in their workouts. Exercise is a key to health and energy, but you don't need to join an expensive health club to do it. Now, with Bev's DVDs you can get in shape right in the privacy of your own home.

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Prime Time Fitness 2 DVD


Prime Time Fitness: Strength Training DVD

This is Bev's latest full-length DVD. It is made up entirely of strengthening and toning exercises. Bev created this exercise program in response to research that has shown training with light weights may be even more important than aerobic exercises when we reach our 50's. Since it doesn't include any aerobics, she is able to tone and strengthen parts of the body she didn't have time to work on in the other two DVDs. Lean muscle helps you to "burn fat and lose weight even while you sleep". Bev recommends doing aerobic exercises one day and strength training the next.

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Prime Time Fitness:
Strength Training DVD




"Bev promised if I used the tape regularly I would have 'tons more energy'. This was what appealed to me. I used the tape and discovered that was true: it works!"
Marian J.
Hyattsville, Maryland

"I never used to like to exercise but these videos are wonderful! I have arthritis and have to keep mogving. Bev's videos are excellent. Now, using these tapes, for the first time in my life I rather enjoy exercising."
Martha S.
Chatham, Massachusetts

"My wife and I have really enjoyed using Bev's Prime Time Fitness and Prime Time Fitness Strength Training videos for our exercise program. They are easy and effective."
Charles & Betty G.
Vashon, Washington

"I am writing you to let you know how much I enjoy your videos, and how much energy I receive from the exercise. I am going to be 79 years old next birthday, and I really feel like 50."
Ann V.
Middlebury, Vermont

"I am using Prime Time Fitness and Strength Training and find both my favourite workouts. I have tried many exercise videos and returned them unsatisfactory. Yours are wonderfully sensible and comprehensive workouts."
Regina T.
Wolcott, Connecticut

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