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The Solution to Nail Biting

The Trind assortment contains a nail strengthener with a nasty, bitter taste. Anti-Bite Nail Repair Light helps nail biters stop biting their nails and at the same time strengthens the nails! This product forms a "film" to the nail, which sticks to the nail, even after you washed your hands! Because especially young people face the terrible nail biting habit, Trind developed a "light version" of this Nail Repair... Anti-Bite Nail Repair Light. This product contains less active ingredients than Trind Nail Repair.

Nail Repair Anti-Bite

Trind Nail Repair Anti-Bite



Click on the links below to solve the following nail problems:

  1. Dry nails
  2. Breaking, peeling and splitting nails
  3. Nails that grow (too) slowly
  4. Dry cuticles
  5. Nail biting



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