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The Solution to Dry Nails

We offer two products that help balance the proper moisture level in your nails: Our 3-Way Buffer and Trind Nail Balsam.

3-Way Buffer
This unique buffer equalizes the nail surface and removes the fine ridges from the nail. Besides, this buffer distributes the natural moisture that is present in the nail, over the nail surface. It also stimulates the blood circulation in the nail bed. When you have used the 3-way buffer, a beautiful shiny nail is the immediate result!

Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam
This is a special "repair complex", which contains ingredients that recover the moisture level in the nail. This product is guaranteed oil free, which means that you can immediately apply another Trind product or polish afterwards.

3-Way Buffer
3-Way Buffer
Nail Balsam
Trind Nail Balsam



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