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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Trind products unique?
Trind products make the nail stronger, without disturbing the balance between protein molecules and nail moisture. Most nail hardeners glue the layers of protein molecules together, leaving no space for the nail moisture. The nails will become hard, but will finally break because of lack of moisture. With the Trind products you recover the natural balance in your nails.

2. What is the advantage of using a glass file instead of any other nail file?
A glass file has a much finer structure than a metal nail file. Trind advises not to use metal nail files, as this kind of material disturbs the structure of the different nail layers. Besides, a Trind glass file does not wear off and can be used a whole lifetime (unless you break the file).

3. How does water affect the nails?
Water disturbs the moisture balance in the nail. Your nails swell and shrink when they get in contact with water and dry again. This movement weakens the nail. So the more times your nails get in contact with water, the weaker they will become. You can prevent this by treating your nails with Moisturizing Nail Balsam and a layer of Nail Repair. The skin of your hands you can protect with Trind Hand Repair ACE.

4. How do you protect cuticles from drying out in winter time?
Frequent use of Trind Cuticle Repair Balsam prevents dry, hard cuticles and "hangnails". The effective ingredients in this product make your cuticles soft and supple.

5. How much nail moisture should a nail have?
A nail contains between 5 and 24 % nail moisture. 5 % indicates a nail which is extremely dry and 24 % means an optimal moisture balance.

6. How can I see that my nails are dried out?
When nails break, peel or split, they probably contain too little nail moisture. Dried out nails frequently have a yellowish colour. You can recover the moisture balance in your nails with Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam and our 3-Way Buffer.

7. My nails break. What can I do to stop it?
Treat your nails well. You need to do the following: file your nails instead of cutting them, make sure your nails contain the proper amount of moisture, and maintain your cuticles to ensure they do not inhibit nail growth. The Trind Perfect System Set contains 6 products for perfect nails, cuticles and hands in only 2 weeks!”

8. What causes yellow nails?
Yellow nails can be caused by various health problems. Additionally, dry nails often turn yellow. Many nail hardeners glue the nail layers together, squeezing out moisture, thus making the nail dry and yellow. A healthy nail is clean and has no aberrant color – the nail bed is pink and the nail tip is white.

9. I used a product which made my nails long and hard. After nine months they started breaking. What happened?
Traditional nail hardeners glue the layers with protein molecules together, leaving no space for natural nail moisture. By prolonged use of these kinds of products, the condition of the nail will deteriorate . Your nails will eventually dry out and will finally weak and break.

10. I recently removed my artificial nails. My natural nails look very bad. Can Trind help my nails?
If you closely follow the directions of our products, you will notice your nails’ condition improving in 2 weeks. If your nails are severely damaged, the total recovery time will take longer.

11. I tried every product without any result. Why is Trind different?
Trind products make the nail stronger, without disturbing the balance between protein molecules and nail moisture. Our products are effective because they are based on the natural consistency of the nail.

12. I am a SPA owner and I would like to have the Trind products in my assortment. What should I do?
Whether you have a perfumery, a SPA or a drugstore, email us your personal data and we will take care of your request. Click on our "Contact Us" link above, then call or email us to setup an account..

13. My Nail Repair has become thick. How is this possible and how can I make it fluid again?
Nail Repair can become thick when the rim of the bottle is not cleaned after use. As a consequence, the cap on the bottle cannot completely be closed anymore. This makes the solvents in the Nail Repair disappear. To prevent this, always clean the rim of the bottle after use. When your Nail Repair has become thick, you can bring it back to the right viscosity by adding a few drops of "nail polish thinner". First add one drop, shake well and then decide if more drops are necessary. Repeat this until the Nail Repair has its good viscosity. Thinner can be purchased in a drugstore.

14. I applied Nail Repair to my nails and experienced a burning sensation. What happened?
Trind Nail Repair contains ingredients that become active IN the nail. Especially after removing gel-, acrylic-, or artificial nails your nails can be extremely thin. Moreover, with some people this is genetically determined. If Nail Repair is applied onto a thin nail, the active ingredients can penetrate the nail and become active on the nail bed. This can cause a nasty burning sensation. To prevent this, Trind advises to first test on one nail, before you apply the product to all your nails. If this burning sensation occurs, we advise you to immediately stop using Nail Repair. As an alternative, you could use Moisturizing Nail Balsam (water based product) twice a day for the first 2 weeks. Also first test this product on one nail. If your nail has been recovered, you can proceed with the Nail Repair treatment.

15. Can I use Moisturizing Nail Balsam after I applied a layer of Nail Repair?
No. For a optimal result, the Trind products should be applied in the right order. Therefore, always follow the directions on the packaging.

16. Why should I file my nails and instead of cutting them?
The nail exists of different squeezed layers of protein molecules. By cutting a nail, the layers can come loose from each other. The nail then becomes vulnerable for little cracks. Also the pressure of a pair of scissors to the nail can cause little cracks. By filing the nail, the layers of protein molecules perfectly stick to one another. If your nail shows a crack or burst, it is important to immediately "close the nail layers" by filing them.

17. What is the best way to file my nails?
Always file the nails in the growing direction from your nail, from outside to inside. Many people quickly move the file from left to right, like a saw on their nails. Which makes the nail layers split up. The nail will show little cracks. We advise you to use a glass file. A glass file has a much finer structure than a metal nail file. A metal nail file also affects the consistency of the different nail layers where the nail is built off. The Trind professional glass file has a high durability and can be used a life time (unless you let it break).

18. I used Moisturizing Nail Balsam and thereafter Nail Repair. How is it possible that the next day the layer of Nail Repair is peeled off?
The effectiveness of the individual Trind products is adapted very accurately. Therefore, it is very important to carefully read the directions for use. If the Nail Repair starts to peel, you can assume that the Moisturizing Nail Balsam was not completely dry before you applied the Nail Repair. If you use Nail Repair in combination with other products of other brands, it could be that those other products contain oil or grease. This can also cause “peeled off” Nail Repair. Make sure that your nail is always completely dry and free from any residue from any other product before you apply Trind Nail Repair.


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